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Social responsibility certification to complement Organic Fair Labor Practices and Community Benefits certification – developed by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) in conjunction with key stakeholders – validates socially responsible practices in agricultural production and processing. Complementing organic and other environmental certifications, Fair Labor Practices is deisgned to meet the growing consumer demand for products produced in accordance with fair and equitable labor practices.

Fundamentals of Fair Labor Practices and Community Benefits

Fair Labor Practices includes comprehensive criteria that directly benefit workers, their families and communities.

The program helps ensure:

  • Equitable hiring and employment practices
  • Safe working conditions
  • Access to health, education and transportation services
  • Support of local and regional communities
  • Appreciation of cultural and environmental impacts

Benefits of Certification

  • Meets consumers’ growing demand for ethically produced products
  • Demonstrates a commitment to socially responsible sourcing
  • Complements the value of organic and other environmental labeling by addressing social issues
  • Enhances worker productivity and job satisfaction
  • Improves relationships with local communities and cultural institutions

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Conformity assessment | How is compliance with this ecolabel's standard ensured?

Conformity with Fair Labor Practices and Community Benefits's standard is verified by our own organization (second party) following ISO / IEC Guide 65 Product Certification

Certification / registration required

Applicants are certified against the ecolabels’s criteria before using the label

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SCS Global Services (SCS)

Member of




Also manages

SCS FloorScore®, SCS Recycled Content, SCS Indoor Advantage, SCS Sustainable Choice, Certified Pesticide Residue Free, and SCS Certified Biodegradable

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  • Applicable life cycle and supply chain phases
  • Social and environmental attributes
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  • Standard details, including standard document, review frequency

Ecolabel development | How were the standards for this ecolabel developed?

  • Standard development and management process
  • Standard-setting norms followed for development of the ecolabel's standard
  • Type of standard-setting process, external stakeholders, and funding sources

Conformity Assessment | How is compliance with this ecolabel's standard ensured?

  • Requirements to achieve certification (i.e. chain of custody, site visits, metrics)
  • Audit / surveillance requirements
  • Duration of certification, time to achieve certification

Managing organization | Who manages this ecolabel?

  • Contact details, primary contact
  • Organizational details including year established, funding, and governance

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  • Compliance type (pass / fail / tiered)
  • Target audience (consumers / retailers / manufacturers / etc)

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Year ecolabel est. 2007

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Food Textiles

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United States

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