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How green is your mobile? AT&T and BSR launches a new rating label

Posted 24 February 2012 by Anastasia O'Rourke to Ecolabel News.

Sustainable Brands, always a great source of such news, posted that AT&T is launching a new eco-ratings tool for mobile devices.

The ratings will be communicated with marketing materials found in-store later this year; and consumers will be able to access more detailed information about the ratings online.

So what’s behind it? So far, its quite hard to find anything else out about it – save that it was developed by BSR and ATT together (so not an open process); ¬†that has 15 criteria (we don’t know how or why they were selected, nor what they are); and that it will be based on manufacturers declarations (so doesn’t appear to include any ¬†independent verification).

Transparency tools should also be transparent – so – details please!