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EPA Introduces Greener Products Portal

Posted 26 September 2011 by admin to Ecolabel News.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency launched a new tool this week aimed at providing more detailed sustainability information about products. It is called the Greener Products Portal and is available at:

The portal’s search tool allows users to browse a broad range of products in various sectors of the economy. Once a product type is selected, you are provided with a list of those certifications, standards and ecolabels that the EPA has either developed or helped to develop that are associated with your choice.

For example, most searches for electronics will return the Energy Star certification as an option. Once you click on it, you can view various types of electronic products that are Energy Star certified.

The Greener Products Portal has search functions for consumers, retailers, manufacturers and institutional purchasers, with different programs associated with each user type. The goal is to help different sectors of the US economy more quickly find EPA standards associated with their field of work and understand which products are the most sustainable.

And of course, we are honoured to have Ecolabel Index listed as a resource for more information on the broader universe of ecolabels.