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The ISEAL 100 Survey Results

Posted 7 March 2011 by Jacob Malthouse to Ecolabel News, Opinion.

We have been eagerly anticipating the results of the ISEAL 100 Survey (below). Today, we had a moment to plow through the results.

At 20 pages, it is a clear, readable and well compiled analysis. Well worth the short investment to read it.

Some of our favourite quotes and results:

73% would consider using more standards. We agree. When mapped across the whole of the MSCI for example, ecolabels cover only a fraction of the industries that make up an economy.

78% said ecolabels provide operational efficiencies. Indeed. We would expand this notion to include both brand and marketing or “demand side” efficiencies, as well as “supply side” efficiencies that arise from a more closely managed supply chain.

Quotes: “Standards are the easiest way to pass on advice to suppliers.” and “Standards allow us to speak the same language between companies”

49% believe diversity continues to be important in the ecolabel space. Our experience has been that, as in any healthy system, diversity is a sign of strength. Communication, transparency, and accountability remain key, but costs imposed by an ecolabel oligopoly outweigh those resulting from diversity.

Source: The ISEAL 100 Survey Results – Business and Certification: Beyond the Tipping Point | ISEAL Alliance.