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Are you for Greener IT? There is a Way to Act!

Posted 21 December 2008 by admin to Opinion.

Computers have for many of us become a natural part of lives. Both at home and at work we are spending hours in front of them. Switching on a computer is as natural as switching on lights. Developing more efficient lighting and transforming that market took over a decade of effort. How will it be with computers?

There are quite a few certification schemes and standards that aim to make it easier to choose among numerous models and brands for energy efficiency.  Yet, how many people do make a purchase giving a due priority to energy efficiency or some other environmental features?

We ran across an initiative that was launched not so long ago by some IT professionals which focuses on the individual consumer’s computing habits. Climate Savers computing specializes on computers and servers only and power efficiency. It refers to Energy Star for its baseline requirements.

Buying an efficient product is not the whole story, which is well understood by the Smart Computing guys. Using it efficiently is the key! Computer power management is also a part of requirements and members’ commitments respectively (see the technical specifications at their home-page). While focused on end consumers, it is also a good resource for corporate procurers looking into improving their environmental profiles.

They seek to join up different international efforts, and to engage and spread the word to facilitate the efforts of manufacturers and procurers. This is indeed a smart approach and a good example of co-operation between existing labelling schemes and the end consumer. We are responsible for the choices and decisions we make on a continuous basis and not just for a purchase.

Why not this motto for 2009: “Buying efficient and using it efficiently!”