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Washing Ourselves with Green

Posted 14 December 2008 by admin to Opinion.

When is a label an ecolabel? We were almost fooled into thinking that Green Planet Solutions (a UK cleaning and janitorial products company) new marketing campaign was a stand alone eco-label.

But some digging revealed – not greenwashing – but another label behind the scenes, and none other than the highly respected EU eco-label. Is the EU-label just for geeks like us who wonder what their label is all about? Why not just use the EU ecolabel? We’d love to know!

Nonetheless, cleaning products are a perfect category for eco-labels – have you ever pondered the ingredients listed on those bottles and cans that we use when cleaning? Try at least once to read the other side of a product package and be astonished at the variety of ingredients. Many people are wondering about the chemicals included: are they toxic at a certain exposure level or after numerous uses? Can all of them be successfully captured and treated at sewage treatment plants? And do they get accumulated in natural organisms like fish and animals inhabiting a river catchment?

Kind of hard to tell from a simple list of ingredients unless you’re a specialist, which is why a good eco-label can help cut through the grease. Back to Green Planet Solutions and their label-like messaging.

Their rather extensive catalogue includes all sorts of solutions, from energy efficient hand dryers to soaps, to “unique washroom consultancy services”. Ahhh. Maybe it’s not so simple to have a green bathroom after all?