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Another Label in the Field of Electronics

Posted 8 December 2008 by admin to Ecolabel News.

Fujitsu Siemens has launched a new label for its electronic products: the “Green IT Label”. This label provides consumers with information about the environmental performance of computers and notebooks with respect to the production methods, materials, recycling and energy efficiency. The ranking allows up to three stars for the best products.

The company mentions that this label will help consumers to make a more informed choice about the environmental credentials of electronics.  While this indicates that the industry is recognizing the demand for green products, it highlights the lack of coordination and harmonization for green claims.

This adds to the growing number of green claims and labels in the field of electronics.
Just to compare, for the “ESPRIMO series” (Desktops), the company awards its own product 3 stars whereas EPEAT give the “Silver medal“.
Perhaps Fujitsu Siemens has good intentions behind this label and really works towards cleaner production and sustainable development.

On that point, Greenpeace allows them the top marks on energy criteria and political support for global cuts of greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand, it raises some questions regarding conflict of interest with self-declared labels.

The problem with these types of labels, is the risk that it will lead to greenwash and put up barriers for the development of independent certification schemes. Just wonder how good the information will be if all the electronic producers and manufacturers start launching their own green label…