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Towards Sustainable Mobility?

Posted 20 November 2008 by admin to Ecolabel News, Opinion.

While Nissan is applying a self-declared ecolabel to its cars and consumers are still waiting for an independent certification awarding this industry (see previous blog), the Swedish company producing alternative fuel Fordon Gas Sverige AB has been awarded by the renown Nordic Ecolabel for its methane-based fuel.

According to the Nordic Ecolabel, this fuel is composed of 50% of fossil natural gas and 50% of biogas from digestion plants. The demand for alternative fuel in the automotive industries is rapidly growing in Sweden with 15 000 cars and buses using methane-based fuel.This demand is greatly generated through green public procurement approach, where public authorities are looking for reliable standards for their purchasing.

But: How far can eco-labels stimulate the development of alternative fuels? Are alternative fuels the right technology to move towards sustainable mobility and cut down the environmental impacts coming from the transport sector?

Just think about the comparative value between some of the Swedish trains holding the ecolabel Bra Miljöval (Good Environmental Choice), and cars and buses running with methane holding the Nordic Ecolabel.

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