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Show us Your Stats

Posted 17 April 2008 by Anastasia O'Rourke to Opinion.

So what is a label anyway?

Case in point: CO2 Stats. You can ‘green your website’ by downloading their gadget…and many have already. As such, it’s acting as an eco-label for websites.

But before we decide if it’s a label, it would be good to know, at the very least:- Where are the “Stats” coming from?- How do we know that emissions are offset: where, when, how?We are also wondering: does a green web just mean calculating then offsetting your individual CO2 emissions when online?

I, like Madonna, am still pretty sure I am living in a material world and toxics and electronic waste are the underbelly of the web.

Even if we give the green light to the “green=CO2 offset” equation, at the very least we should know what’s being offset and how.Come on guys, tell us your story. Even if you are not up to revealing the secret sauce of your algorithm, a few more details wouldn’t go astray.