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Friends of the Sea Asks YOU: What is an Eco-Fishery?

Posted 31 March 2008 by Jacob Malthouse to Ecolabel News.

Friends of the Sea has just launched an online poll:Can certified sustainable seafood originate from fisheries targeting overexploited or depleted stocks? You can vote here.

According to Friends of the Sea, the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) ‘Guidelines for the Ecolabelling of fish and fishery products from marine capture fisheries’ indicate among the “minimum substantive requirements and criteria for ecolabels” (art.30) that the “stock under consideration is not overfished”.

Friends of the Sea says its criteria requires categorically that in order for a product to be ecolabelled as sustainable, it must originate from a stock which is not overexploited according to the updated information from FAO, regional fishery bodies or national marine research Institutes.