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Posted 6 February 2008 by Jacob Malthouse to Opinion.

There’s a great article in the NY Times about the (red) campaign. Here’s an excerpt:

According to a 2006 poll by Cone Inc., a marketing agency in Boston, 89 percent of Americans between 13 and 25 would switch from one brand to another associated with a “good cause,” if products and prices were comparable.

Over all, more than $59 million has been contributed by Red and its corporate partners to the Global Fund. Red-financed projects have helped put more than 30,000 people on antiretroviral treatment and provided more than 300,000 H.I.V.-positive pregnant women with counseling and treatment, according to data from Red and the fund.

Although (red) is a small portion of all funds that go to the global fund, it has certainly raised awareness about the possibility of cause based marketing and has also made a positive impact.

(red) may not be an ecolabel, but it is certainly an example of cause based labelling done well.

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  • Social justice is certainly part of “green” and sustainability. Labels are just a tool to make the significant changes we face a bit easier and faster for consumers. First we need a caring heart…and then the labels help us do more with less time. Thanks to Bono for his personal actions to care for our civilization. Carolyn