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Perfect Doesn’t Exist

Posted 13 December 2007 by Jacob Malthouse to Opinion.

So says the executive director of Earth Pledge in a NY Times article about the eco-fashion industry. Right on.

Rather than feeling guilty about not having a closet full of eco-clothing, we’re better off recognising that a lot of people are looking for ecolabels and it’s not that hard to do. A key statistic in the article notes, “More than half of the 2,007 respondents in a shopper survey in September by BBMG, a branding agency, said they were looking for certification seals on green claims to feel confident about their purchases.”

Life is full of compromises and choices. Like it or not, most of us need clothing and right now most of what’s on the market isn’t top notch eco-friendly. I’m not going to feel guilty about my wardrobe. Looking ahead, it’s going to get easier to find clothes with ecolabels and choose them.

Hopefully, they’ll eventually become the norm, and I can go back to choosing clothes solely on the basis of what is going to impress the ladies. In the meantime, there’s some labels here dedicated solely to textiles (two are Swiss, why are the Swiss always so far ahead? Is it the cheese?), and some others here that cover a whole range of retail goods.