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A Clean and Green Home

Posted 26 November 2007 by Jacob Malthouse to Ecolabel News.

The USA today took note of the fact that there’s no internationally recognized label for detergent and other house cleaning supplies. The article notes that while the boom in green products is continuing and is likely here to stay, most of the green claims in the industry are marketing at the moment.

“At its core, green cleaning is a marketing term, not a scientific term,” says Brian Sansoni, spokesman for The Soap and Detergent Association. “Manufacturers need to ensure that their packaging, manufacturing and advertising is truthful and not misleading.”

Following a 2006 study from researcher Mintel found that 60% of consumers agreed with the statement: “I’m concerned about the impact cleaning products have on the environment.” The Soap and Detergent Association is holding its annual conference this coming February around an environmental theme, dubbing it “going beyond green”.

The challenge facing the Soap and Detergent Association if they decide to go ahead with an ecolabel will be achieving the scientific and public credibility that a good label needs to be recognized in the market. We hope the get in touch with ISEAL, a group developing best practice in this space, as a first step.

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