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American Furniture to get “Sustainable by Design” Ecolabel

Posted 15 November 2007 by Jacob Malthouse to Ecolabel News.

The American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA) has just launched an ecolabel  called “Sustainable by Design” according to the Home Furnishings Business website. Here is the complete press release. The release explains some basic metrics for the label:

  1. Certified wood products (which label is not disclosed).
  2. Lower formaldehyde emissions.
  3. Reduced energy, water, solid waste.
  4. Encouraging a green supply chain.

According to the press release in order to use the label a company needs to define “attainable numeric goals” and report past progress and goals for the coming year annually to the AHFA. There will be a random audit to ensure accurate numbers.

Our take: be wary of this label until more information is available.

  • It appears to be an industry developed voluntary label. The extent of public consultation remains unclear. As the companies develop their own targets they could set them very low and not show progress over time. AHFA may plan a set of minimum standards but there is no word about this in the press release.
  • AHFA has neither clarified the percentage and timing of the audit nor whether it will be independent.