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USDA Grass-Fed Beef Label in the Works

Posted 31 October 2007 by Trevor Bowden to Ecolabel News.

USDA Grass-Fed Beef Label in the Works

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced new rules for labeling meat from grass-fed livestock. The rules stipulate that meat labeled “grass fed” must come from animals fed solely on grasses, hay and other non-grain vegetation.

This label will help consumers choose meat from ‘smart pasture operations’ that are better for the environment. Unlike massive confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs), these farms use sophisticated land management practices to maximize productivity without despoiling our air, water and soil.

Via Treehugger and Union of Concerned Scientists, where you can learn more about “Greener Pastures: How grass-fed beef and milk contribute to healthy eating