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Ecolabel Profile Update Service Full Release

Posted 30 September 2011 by admin to Site Updates.

The ‘ecolabel maintained profiles’ test we launched about three weeks ago has been well received. The profiles of our test group were updated quickly with few errors.

Accordingly, we have now begun the process of emailing every ecolabel in the Index, with an invitation to update their profiles.

In return, we are offering ecolabeling organizations free access to Ecolabel Index PRO, which allows subscribers to view all the data on each label as well as find and compare labels side-by-side.

If you receive an email from us, please take a moment to ensure your profile is up to date. It is of utmost importance to us and our users that our data is as current as possible.

The Ecolabel Index team will continue to review ecolabel data and update our Index with new labels. If you have any questions or would like to suggest an addition to Ecolabel Index please email: