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Is the Green Economy B2B?

Posted 16 September 2011 by admin to Opinion.

Our latest blog post announced the impressive gains made by the Marine Stewardship Council in raising the level of awareness for ecolabels worldwide. Consumers in the developed world are increasingly seeing green marketing, but will all this awareness and support lead to green products replacing their presumably less-sustainable counterparts?

Ethical Corporation thinks not. They cite a number of studies detailing explaining why. “Grail Research reports that although 85% of US consumers claim they buy green, fewer than 8% actually do.” They go on to note that the market share for organic and ethical foods, arguably the most robust segment of the green economy, makes up about 5% of the overall sector’s market.

Ethical Corporation sees this as a sign that the future of eco-marketing will be in the business-to-business space, rather than business-to-consumer. Green marketing stresses transparency, eco-innovation and sustainable production, all aspects that could lower long-term costs and risks to a firm’s supply chain.