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Ecolabel Maintained Profile Testing Underway

Posted 30 August 2011 by Jacob Malthouse to Site Updates.

This week we completed development on a new service that will allow ecolabels to ‘claim’ and then update their profiles on Ecolabel Index. As part of this effort, we conducted a review of all metrics in the Index, including layout improvements and explanatory notes.

Before launching the service to all ecolabels in the Index, we are emailing twenty ecolabels to ask for their feedback on how the service works. If you receive an email from us, please do take a moment to test out this new service. We’d welcome your feedback on how it works, so we can fix any issues before launching it to the broader ecolabel community.

The Ecolabel Index team will continue to focus on conducting quality control and accuracy checks on Ecolabel Index data, as well as identifying new ecolabels.

If you have questions or want to participate in the trial, please email us directly.